Business Consulting

Beijing Chinese Academy offers one-on-one business consulting in our Los Angeles Office or over the phone.


Business and Cultural Training
Get the edge on doing business in China. Our basic training on business practices, customs, and cultural issues will propel your business forward. Beijing Chinese Academy can also assist with financial and legal guidelines of doing business in China. From which banks to use, to letters of credit, and trade laws and practices, we have the business expertise to help you navigate a treacherous market for the unprepared.

eCommerce vs a Business Presence
Doing business in China is traditionally complex for the average Westerner. Beijing Chinese Academy can help you find a solution that works for your company, and eCommerce is often a very viable solution for American companies seeking a foot into the vast Chinese door. We can help you establish your brand online through a dynamic website, social media marketing, and a strong online presence to propel your business into the future.

There is also a lot of merit in establishing an actual business presence in China, but the Chinese business market is vastly different from the American market. Our experience and expertise on Chinese taxes, business law, currency exchanges, application processes, permitting, licensing, logistics, etc. will guide your business through the confusing and complicated process to build your presence and incorporate a winning strategy.